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  • Thomas (2019-7-15 16:56:6)

    Just had a wonderful massage from Anita! Can't thank her enough! She knows how to do a great massage. It was all about sensual feelings and sensations...

  • Gary (2019-7-14 21:47:51)

    Exceptional service!!

  • gejudb (2019-6-23 15:21:53)

    Kaliteli Servis .konumu Merkezi yerde. Kaliteli ortam.

  • PETER (2019-6-19 23:58:40)

    Definitely one of the best massage I ever had! I met Abby she was very nice. she was able to understand me for what I want even she doesn't speak English. money well spent....

  • Zucko (2019-6-12 11:36:0)

    A very welcoming, safe and professional place for a relaxing massage. Situated in a popular area and easy to arrange a visit. Will definitely visit again, thank you.

  • sj56 (2019-6-7 22:24:38)

    Just visited Aphrodite's place. I sent a message to the wechat number on the advertisement, and Aphrodite spoke with my taxi driver to have me taken to her place. It was very private and I felt very safe and secure. . I picked Candy. I had a great time with Candy, the massage was very relaxing, sensual and good. I will definitely go back, I want to try the other girls.

  • Fred (2019-6-3 15:24:46)

    Great service,great location, great place! the atmosphere was good. I went there straignt after bar. such a relaxing experience! Contacter gave me perfect guide to their place. since I heard a lot about Becky so I had a service from her, I was satisfied!hope to see her very soon again!