Our masseuses:

   Our masseuses are specially handy picked. experienced and most importantly knows what to do exactly to release your stress. their attitude, knowlage to sensual massage, their look, their personality are why they are keepers in Aphrodite exclussive massage. 
   Each of them got diffrent personalities to satisfy you in their own way. Open minded, welcoming, naughty, "bouncy", timid, Or you name one. We got one!
   you can see our masseuses pics below. or you can contact us for more pics and qestions.


Name: Bechy       Language: English , Chinese    
hair color: Black            
body type:busty   experience:3 years

Becky may be young. but what she lacks in her age. she makes it up with her hard work. she have been workng in the industry for 3 years and she have been working for foreign clients for 2 years. she knows exactly what to do to satisfy you.quoting from one of our regular customer the comment was " Had an incredible experience. I booked Bechy for a 70 minutes, Nuru massage. It was amazing, she has a pretty cute face and really lovely big juicy breasts. She made me feel really relaxed and gave me a very exciting experience, I was really aroused and she ensured the ending of the massage was the happiest of any I've ever had. "


Name: Crystal           language: tiny bit English       
body type:busty. slim       experience:4 years     
Hair color: Black               Age:26
Crystal may be the sweetest thing you will ever see. she is so thoughtful that can take care of you all the way around. and her look might be one of the prettiest in the indistry. evern better look in real. even nicer in her personality. A formal customers comment about her was "I've been in BJ for a while now, and this was by far my best experience at one of these places. Crystal was extremely gorgeous and knew what she was doing. The prices for services offered are good and I definitely feel like I got more than my money's worth. Can't wait to go back.  "



Name: Mia             language:Engish, Chinese
body type:slim       experience: 2 years
Age:28                    hair color: brown

Anita could be the most experienced and "let it go" kind of girl. she is skilled and surely know exactly what to do when you feel like so. 

Part-time masseuses



The -Aphrodite exclusive massage- is  locatedted in the most popular area of Beijing- Chaoyang District, sanlitun gongti area. Right close to The workers stadium. Pls book in advance before you visit. So I can tell few  details how to get to our place. Our place is in a pravate building. very easy to find.